How to Repair Rollers on Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding glass doors allow you to have a great view outside and are typically easy to open and shut. Sometimes, however, the rollers will break, making it very difficult to use the door. You will need to know a few trick and hints so that you will be able to repair the rollers quickly.


It is important that you pick a day that is sunny and not too hot or too cold since the door will be off for a while. It is also a good idea to get someone to help you since sliding glass doors is very heavy and can be awkward to move alone.

Door Removal

In order to remove the panel, you will need the smaller Phillips screwdriver to get the adjustment roller holes that are underneath the door. Connect the roller screw with the screwdriver and get the door as low as you possibly can. Do this by moving the rollers back and forth. Once you have done this, you will need to try to lift the door and bring the bottom part inside.

Old Roller Removal

With the door resting on its edge, you will be able to find the roller adjustment hole. Right on top of that hole, you will find another hole that will have a roller/frame screw inside of it. In order to take out the old roller, you will have to remove this screw entirely. Remember to divide the glass from the frame when you are doing this. The big Phillips screwdriver will take this screw out. From there, you will need to take out the old roller and then secure your glass door.


When you are going shopping for the new roller, be sure that you bring the old one with you. The new roller will have to be identical to the old one and the best way to tell is to have the old one to compare. If you are unsure in any way ask for assistance from an employee. This could end up saving you a trip back to the store.


The new roller will need to go into the dissembled frame. Once you have screwed everything back together you will need to flip the door to do the other side of it. From there it is time to get the sliding glass door frame track ready.


In order to protect your carpet, lay down paper towels. With the help of a vacuum, an old toothbrush, and toothpicks clean out all of the sludge, as well as any debris that may be in there. Spray in WD-40 and allow it to soak.