How to Repair Rolling Window Shutters

window blinds on a window
What You'll Need
Replacement Parts (Slats, nuts, etc)
What You'll Need
Replacement Parts (Slats, nuts, etc)

Every type of window covering seems to have issues at some point. If you have rolling window shutters then you’ve probably seen this first hand. If the window blinds are damaged, stuck or fail to work, there are several things you may want to try before calling in a professional. Here are some repair solutions that may fix issues on rolling window shutters.

Determine the Cause of the Issue

If the slats are stuck, there is probably something jamming them inside the box on top of the window. Inside the box is the shaft or roller that holds the slats in place. When any of the slats is broken, the whole assembly may get tangled in the shaft and get stuck. Sometimes, the primary slat connected to the roller may have worn out and needs to be re-attached. Another probable cause is that the reel came off of the wheel and got wrapped around the mechanism.

Expose the Cause of Damage

To expose whatever it is that is causing the slats to get stuck, locate the screws that are securing the cover of the box. Remove the screws, pull out the cover and set it aside. Do this carefully because if any spring mechanism inside the box has come off, it may spring back and cause injury. Wear safety glasses just in case.

wooden window blinds

Replace Broken Slats

Unroll all the slats to check if any of them are broken. Any broken slat has to be removed and replaced. Plastic and aluminum slats are usually secured to the longitudinal slot through clips. Wooden slats have hoop attachments or clips as well. To remove the slat, simply release the clips or the hoop attachment and slide the broken slat out of the slot. If only one slat is broken, move all bottom slats to the top and the problem is solved. If there are more slats damaged, purchase replacements instead and install them.

Reattach Loose Parts

Reels that have come off the wheel can be placed back into their original locations. While the box is open, inspect for any part that has come off of its position. Install them back correctly to avoid any further damage to the unit. Check all mounting hardware as well. Make sure that the bearings, brackets and spring hangers are secured into position. Refer to the manual for reference.

Reattach the Main Slat

If the primary slat connected to the roller is not correctly connected or has worn out, inspect the mounting hardware used. If the mounting hardware can no longer be attached to the roller, purchase new ones at a store and install them on the roller. Reattach the primary slat and test the rolling mechanism. If it works, secure the cover back to the box. Be aware that this procedure may require removing the entire shaft assembly so make sure to ask for help from a friend. The assembly can be very heavy.