How to Repair Scratches on a Cultured Marble Vanity Top

  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-170
What You'll Need
Wet and dry sandpaper
Wool pad
Marble solution
Power buffer
Automotive buffing compound
Wax finish

A cultured marble vanity top is more likely to be found on remodeled or brand new houses. This surface material is considered a high quality upgrade that can make your home more valuable. Because cultured marbles is prone to scratches, you can find its surface marred with faults after time. Scratches can be caused by abrasive commercial cleaners or by beauty products that can cause the cultured marble to look faded and dull. It could also be stained by such products. If you want to maintain the glossy and brand dew look of the cultured marble top for your vanity, you have to make repair.

Step 1 - Cleaning the Surface

Before undertaking any scratch removal, you should focus on cleaning the surface of your cultured marble. This will ensure that when you finally get to the removal of the scratches, there will be no dirt or grime that will mar your efforts. The cleaning will also make the scratches show up better, so you could easily identify the areas that have more damage.

Step 2 - Taking Care of Scratches

If you need to take out deep scratches that do not go all the way through the fiberglass, you can make use of wet and dry 800-grit sandpaper. Finer repair could be facilitated with 1000-grit sandpaper. Use the appropriate sandpaper on the area where the scratches are located. Then attach a wool buffing pad to a high speed buffer and use the tool to polish the marble to a high gloss.

Step 3 - Applying Car Wax

An automotive car wax is ideal for scratched areas of a cultured marble. Use a wax with carnauba among its ingredients. Bring it up to a high shine with a wool buffing pad. Alternatively, you can use a high speed buffer.

Step 4 - Repairing Minor Cracks

For yellowed or faded cultured marble that has more extensive scratches that can already be classified as minor cracks, use specific marble solution products. Such solutions contain ingredients that fill up small and fine scratches while lightening up the color of the yellowed or faded cultured marble.

Step 5 - Preventing Further Scratches and Other Damages

To prevent more scratches as well as other damages to your cultured marble vanity top, wax it regularly with marble specific products. These products are better because they have been manufactured for regular use on cultured marble tops like a vanity top. When applied on a regular basis, the wax will maintain the shine of the marble and protect its surface from being stained.

Although regular cleaning is essential, the kind of cleanup that you do on cultured marble is essential in its appearance. Abrasive powder or gritty cleaners should be avoided if you have to clean your vanity top. Use only cleansers that have neutral pH, and are recommended for use on cultured marble. Use the cleanser with a white and soft nylon bristled brush. If you regularly use beauty products, avoid storing them on the vanity top as it can permanently stain the cultured marble.