How to Repair Seams in a Linoleum Floor

What You'll Need
Seam sealer
Putty knife
Wax paper

Installing a linoleum floor can provide you with a beautiful flooring option that is also very durable. However, one of the most common complaints about this type of flooring is that the seams start to have problems. They could come apart and start to curl up which looks really bad at a certain point. Here are the basics of how to repair seams in linoleum flooring.

Step 1: Clean the Area

When a linoleum seam starts to come apart and roll up, there is a good chance that dirt and dust will accumulate in the seam. To repair this, you need to remove this buildup. Take a vacuum cleaner and use it to suck out all of the dirt that is in the seam. Without taking this step, the adhesive will most likely not stick to the linoleum and it will start to curl back up again.

Step 2: Apply Adhesive

Once the area is completely clean, you can start to apply the adhesive to the area underneath the linoleum. Pull back the edges of both pieces of linoleum so that you can get the adhesive up under there. Use a putty knife to apply the adhesive into the small area. Make sure that you apply enough adhesive to cover the entire exposed area of the floor. However, you do not want to put too much adhesive in there because it will come up through the seam and get on the linoleum flooring. 

Step 3: Roll the Linoleum

After you have applied the adhesive, you can start to press the linoleum down into it. First press it down using your hands as firmly as you can. If any adhesive comes out through the crack, wipe it up with a wet rag. After you have pressed it down into the adhesive, take a flooring roller and use it to roll over the seam. This will help keep the linoleum in the adhesive and it will remove any air pockets underneath. 

Step 4: Hold the Linoleum Down

Until the adhesive dries, you need to leave something over the seam so that it will stay down. At this point, you should take some wax paper and cover the entire seam. This will keep dirt and any other debris out of the seam. Then put a board or a scrap piece of wood on top of the wax paper to provide some weight. You might even want to put some bucket of water or books on top of the wood so that it has plenty of weight.

Step 5: Seal the Seam

After you have kept the seam down long enough for the adhesive to dry, you need to seal it. Get a seam sealer for the type of linoleum that you have. Then use the applicator to apply the seam sealer to the seam. Make sure to cover the entire area and then allow it to dry.