How to Repair Solar Driveway Lights

You can save a good amount of money on your electric bills by using solar driveway lights. Take these proper steps to repair the solar lights on the exterior of your house.

These solar lights have a few basic parts. There are solar cells connected in series mounted closest to the surface. Below the cells is a Nickel-cadmium battery and a control panel. There is a LED lamp connected with a photocell to permit the light to work when it is dark. The solar cells are connected to the battery through a diode. The battery gets charged with the sunlight in day time. When it is dark, the photocell turns the LED light on. The battery supplies energy to the LED light. The battery gets charged again in day time.

You can easily repair the solar drive way lights, if they are not glowing by using the following information:

 Materials and Tools

  • Screw driver
  • NiCad Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery charger
  • LED lamp
  • Multimeter (Voltage Tester)
  • Soap
  • Sandpaper
  • Black electrical tape or duct tape

Step 1: Open the Light

Unscrew the screws below the light to open it. Remove the glass.

Step 2: Check the Battery

Locate the battery. Take out battery cover, if there is any. You may have to unscrew it.

Clean the battery terminals and ends with sandpaper to remove corrosion or rust. Remove any dirt or bugs on it.

Check the battery voltage with a multimeter. Batteries will not last forever. Moreover they run down, if not charged regularly. Chances are they are dead. Be sure to use NiCad batteries. These can be recharged and have a much longer lifes than other batteries. Try recharging the battery with a battery charger or you may need to keep the solar light in sunlight at least for two or three days to charge the batteries.

Step 3: Replace the Battery

Replace the battery, if required. It is easier to change the battery. Remove the old battery from its terminals and put in the new one. If other things are okay, the light will glow.

Step 4: Check the Photocell

In case the batteries are okay but the light does not glow, you have to check the photocell. Cover the photocell with a piece of black electrical tape or duct tape at night. If the light glows, your solar light is possibly very close to another light source.

Locate the source of light and remove it or fix the black tape on the photocell to cover it partially. This will permit only limited light to shine on it.

Step 5: Check the LED Lamp

Check the continuity in the LED lamp with a multimeter. If it is bad, replace it and the light may glow. In many cases the lamp may need to be soldered with a soldering iron and solder.

Step 6: Clean the Glass and Casing

If the glass is dirty, clean the glass and casing with soapy water and rinse. Reassemble the light. In such a case, seal the light casing properly by tightening the screws to avoid dust entering it.

Step 7: Replace the Light

Replace the light if, after trying all the above steps, it does not light up. You can seek the help of a professional to repair it, if possible.