How to Repair Solar Post Lights

Solar post lights are one of the most common types of solar lights that you can use to improve the lighting of your garden. This particular type of solar post is set up to a stake that can be inserted in the ground to light pathways. Even though solar post lights run by harnessing the power of the sun, they still can get damaged over time. One of the most common issues in a solar post light is that the light coming out from the lamp is dim or nonexistent, which is caused by damaged solar panel cells. Once this happens, you need to replace your solar post lights.

Materials Needed:

  • Replacement solar panel cells
  • Screwdriver
  • Working gloves
  • Assistant

Step 1 - Remove the Post from the Ground

Remove the post from the ground to make it easier to replace the solar panel cells. To do this, you need to ask a friend or a family member to hold the post while you loosen it from where it is bolted to the ground.

Step 2 -  Remove the Casing that Covers the Lighting Fixtures

Use a screwdriver to loosen the transparent plastic that covers the lighting implements. Make sure that the screws are kept in a safe place since you are going to put everything back in later. Once the lid has been removed, inspect the solar cells that needs to be replaced.

Step 3 - Replace the Solar Cell Panels

Replace the solar panel cells with the new ones by prying it loose using a flat head screwdriver. However, make sure that you do not damage the wiring that is attached to the solar panel cells. Once replaced, make sure that you connect the new solar panel cells to the wiring that connects to the battery of the solar post lights, which allows the lamp to store the energy that it was able to harness from the sun. Make sure that the connection of the solar panel cells and the wiring is secure. Use electrical tape to secure the wiring in place. Wear a pair of insulated working gloves to do this.

Step 4 - Re-install Everything

Once the connection is secure, put everything back in by following the steps that you have taken in reverse. Ask an assistant to hold the post up while you reinstall it back to where it was.

Step 5 - Test the Lights

Let the solar panel cells soak up as much sunlight as possible and wait for night to fall before you test the lights. You will notice that the lights will be no longer dim.