How to Repair Stacked Stone Veneer

What You'll Need
Replacement stacked stone veneer
Tile cement
Tile cutter
Plastic spreader

Stacked stone veneer is a thin stone tile that is used in place of heavier, more expensive stones. The actual look is like that of a stacked stone wall, but it is much easier to install and handle. Many homeowners use a stacked stone veneer along their fireplace or exterior wall. Over time, the stacked stone veneer can become damaged. Repairing the veneer is easily done with basic tile working skills. 

Step 1: Survey the Damage

Before doing anything about repairing your stacked stone veneer wall you will need to first survey the damage. This will better help you determine what exactly needs to be done. You may only have to fix a simple broken tile, repair a crack, replace a few veneer tiles, or redo the entire wall. Whichever it is, you by taking the time to look over the exact needs you will be able to make sure you have all of the available tools and materials.

Step 2: Repair Cracked Tile

If the tile is not too badly damaged you may be able to simply do a quick repair job. This job will consist of applying some tile cement that is the same color as the veneer. This is best done if it is in a place where the crack will not be that noticeable. However, if the crack is along the grout, or on a corner, then you need to replace it. Spread the cement over the crack and wipe away excess. Make sure it is smooth so it will dry flat.

Step 3: Replace Damaged Tile

If there is only one damaged tile, then it is easily fixed by simply replacing it. Since stacked stone veneer is basically a tile product, you should be able to find replacement pieces at your local tile store. It is also a good idea to buy extra tiles when you are doing the initial installation. 

Step 4: Chisel Out Grout

In order to remove the old tile veneer you need to chisel away the grout that is round the entire perimeter. Use a small bladed chisel and easily chip out the grout, being very careful not to damage any other tiles. 

Step 5: Pry Out Damaged Veneer

Once the grout is removed, then you will use the chisel to pry out the damaged veneer piece. Be prepared for a lot of pieces as the tile will rarely come out in one piece. Once the veneer piece is removed, scrape away the excess mortar, or adhesive that was holding it to the backerboard. 

Step 6: Install New Stocked Stone Veneer Tile

With a smooth backerboard you can then apply some new adhesive, or tile mortar. Spread it out evenly. Press the new stacked stone veneer tile into position and give it a slight "wiggle" to set it into the mortar. Let it dry overnight.

Step 7: Apply Grout and Clean

After the tile has had time to dry, then apply some grout to the seam between the new veneer tile and the others. Smooth it out with a grout tool. After it has dried enough to wipe, clean off the excess grout.