How to Repair Stone Patios

Repairing a stone patio is easily within reach of anyone into the occasional DIY job. Flagstone and other types of stone provide a beautiful natural appearance for a patio and they also provide a very high degree of durability. However, as with anything, they can also get damaged over time, often due to years of general wear and tear. Stone is also prone to breaking if something heavy enough is dropped upon it. Stone can also crack due to certain weather conditions such as frost forming in cracks and widening them. Fortunately, repairing your stone patio is perfectly possible.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Trowel
  • Mortar
  • Straightedge
  • New stone pavers

Step 1 – Remove the Broken Paver

You will have to replace any broken paver rather than attempt to repair it. Use a hammer and chisel to break up the mortar around the broken stone paver. A special chisel designed for working with stone will yield the best results. Try to avoid causing damage to the other stones. To lower this risk, hold the chisel at an angle towards the damaged stone and gently hammer it into the mortar, breaking it apart.

Get rid of the broken up mortar. Use the hammer to break the damaged stone up into more manageable pieces. Again, be careful not to damage neighboring stones. Hammer gently in the middle of the stone you want to remove until it cracks in various places, separating into smaller sections.

Remove the bits of stone. Use the hammer and chisel again to get rid of any remaining mortar around the space and mortar that was beneath the stone.

Step 2 – Place the New Paver

Ideally, you should have some spare pavers from when the patio was installed. If not, find a paver that matches. It does not have to be exactly the right size as long as it is not too small. If it is a little larger, you can trim parts off the stone by chiseling the edge away so that it fits in place of the old one. Also, make sure that the new stone is level with the surrounding ones.

Step 3 – Apply New Mortar

Get rid of any dust and dirt from the hole in the patio before applying mortar. Spray some water into the hole. Make a mixture of the mortar as directed to by the manufacturer’s instructions. With a trowel, spread an even layer of the mortar into the hole.

Step 4 – Place the New Stone

Push the new stone paver into place. Make sure that it sits firmly against the mortar. Check that it is level with the surrounding pavers by using the straightedge. If it is level, allow it to dry overnight.

Step 5 – Apply Mortar to the Joints

Using another mix of the mortar, grout the joints between the tiles. Use a trowel to make it smooth and wipe away any excess as you work. Allow this to dry overnight again and the next day, your patio will be ready to use again.