How to Repair the Seat of a Wooden Porch Bench

A wooden porch bench is not only a great decorative piece, but is also a very usable piece of exterior furniture. When it wears down and gets old, it will need to be repaired, in order to maintain its appearance and usability. This is actually a simple job, that can be accomplished in a matter of hours by any homeowner that is willing to spend the time to do it. Before beginning this project, be sure to have these materials and tools on hand, so that you can complete the job.

You'll Need:

  • Socket set
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tape measure
  • Power saw
  • Stain
  • Replacement wood
  • Stain brush
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: Take the Seat Off

Visually inspect the bench and decide which pieces need to be replaced. Any wood that is broken, cracked, or beginning to rot, needs to be taken off. Use a screwdriver, or the correct size of socket, to loosen the anchoring bolts or screws from the seat. Set these aside and remove the board from the bench.

Step 2: Repair or Replace

If the boards that you have taken off simply need repair and are reusable, then do so now. For instance, if the board needs to be sanded down to get rid of rough spots, then use the power sander and do so. If the board is being replaced, then measure the length of the existing board and cut the new piece to the same size. Sand out any rough spots or burrs, and then stain the wood before securing it to the frame. This allows ease of access to the sides and bottom, which has to be stained or painted in order to give the wood a weather resistant coating.

Step 3: Attach the Wood

After the boards have been sanded and stained, set them into place on the bench and secure with screws or bolts. Tighten them down as snugly as possible, making sure that the anchors do not stick out above the surface of the wood. If you are using putty or plugs to cover the holes, do so now. Touch up any areas that require stain or paint, and allow to dry completely before using.

Step 4: Optional Cushioned Seat

If your bench seat is one of those that has a covered cushion, then you need to take it off before repairing any of the wood. This is accomplished in numerous different ways, so you will have to look at the bench and figure out how it was attached. Usually, the outer edge of the seat is stapled on, so in this case you would pull the staples to remove the cushioned seat. After the repairs are made to the wood, reattach the cushion in the reverse order that you used when taking it off the bench.

Repairing a bench seat on the porch is a simple task, that will not only increase the usability of it, but will also make the appearance of the porch, and house, increase dramatically.