How to Repair Torn Tinting on an V19RV Window

  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-50
What You'll Need
Spray bottle
Razor knife
Masking tape
Window scraper (for cleaning the window)
Solution of water and clear mild liquid soap, such as Johnsons baby shampoo (1 tsp per quart of water)
Lint-free towels
5-way window film tool or a wide blade putty knife to use as a trim guide
Window tint material

To repair RV window tinting on a V19 2009 or earlier version—or any other RV model that uses window film versus tinted glass—requires only common tools and supplies.

Step 1 - Is It a Large or Small Repair?

Determine if the tear is small enough to repair without re-tinting the entire window.

Step 2 - Small Repairs

A simple repair for small scratches is clear fingernail polish. Apply so that the clear polish extends beyond the ends and either side. This will seal the scratch so that the film will not delaminate from the window glass.

For larger tears, follow the same steps as listed below for installation of a new film. If the tear will not adhere to the glass, you will need to remove all the window tint material and replace it.

Step 3 - Match the Existing Shade

Matching the tint color is an important step to a good repair. Contact the RV’s manufacturer to purchase replacement film. If this is not possible, check with local RV dealers or tint shops to choose an exact or close shade.

Step 4 - Clean the Window

The main ingredient for successfully replacing window film is a clean window. Use the formula listed above or another clear, mild liquid soap solution that does not contain ammonia. Repeat until the glass is spotless.

Step 5 - Cut the Film

Measure and then cut the film 1” to 2” wider and taller than the glass.

Step 6 - Remove the Protective Liner

With a 3” piece of masking tape on the front and back side of the film, separate the film from the protective liner. The adhesive side of the film is not tacky, but lint or other contaminants can be trapped between the glass and film so use caution.

Step 7 - Spray the Soap Solution

Generously coat the glass and the adhesive side of the film.

Step 8 - Apply the Film

Apply the film, soapy adhesive side to the soapy window. The soapy water acts a lubricant to allow positioning of the film. Now spray more soap solution to the back of the film.

Step 9 - Squeegee

Using care to not crease or wrinkle the film, carefully sponge and squeegee from the center out with short, gentle strokes to work out any bubbles.

Step 10 - Trim Excess Film

If you don’t have a 5-way film tool, use a wide bladed putty knife as a straight edge and a razor knife to trim the excess film. Allow a 1/16” gap, roughly the width of your straight edge, around each edge.

Step 11 - Spray One Last Time

Spray the back of the window film one last time and squeegee any remaining liquid from between the glass and film. Use paper towels to sop up the excess.

The bond will take several days to fully adhere so avoid contact as well as opening and closing the window.