How to Repair Venetian Window Blinds

What You'll Need
Replacement vanes
Replacement rail heal
Replacement cord
Measuring tape

When moving into a new house or a new office, the old window blinds may look unsightly and thus the popularity of venetian window blinds is increasing. Venetian window blinds are popular choices for blinds and they can add a decorative item in the new location. Venetian blinds are available in a huge assortment of colors and they are available in many types of materials.

Venetian blinds are favored for many reasons. They are suitable for someone on a shoestring budget and the range of sizes that they offer means that they are adaptable to fit many sizes windows. A venetian blind also does a great job of blocking the sunlight. The slats are also very easy to clean. However, venetian blinds spoil easily. Pulling the cord too hard or getting pulled by accident can damage the blinds. Here are some ways to repair and common problems regarding blinds.

Step 1: Replacing a Vane

The vanes also known as the slats are the blades that makes up the blinds. The most common problem associated with them is that they get stained or dropped. Buy the vanes replacement from the same manufacturer. Located at the top of the vane is a hook. Just simply unhook the hook and the vane will just come off. To take out vanes that are made of fabric, unhook them and release them from the spacer chain connector.

Step 2: Putting Back the Vanes

To replace the hook, make sure the vane is facing the same direction as other vane. Push and insert into the holder and hook it in place.

Step 3: Replacing all Vanes

If you need to replace all the vanes, make sure all the vanes are facing the correct direction and thread the chain carefully, making sure the chain goes through every hole. To make sure that there is equal distance between each vane, a cupboard or a piece of paper can be placed on the rail to act as a guide.

Step 4: Replacing the Ladder

To replace a new ladder, push the cords through the slats and connect them to the head box. Slip the ladders of each side of the slab and disconnect it from the tilting mechanism. Place the slats into the new ladder and connect it to the tilt tube and the head rail. Now thread the cords carefully, going in and out of the ladder.

Step 5: Replace the Rail Head

If the rail head needs to be replaced, it is best to take the entire blind down. Unclip the blind from its clips and lay it out on a table. Remove the end caps and the cover of the rail head. The knots and the clips holding the lift cord will be exposed. Unhook all the vanes and the clips.

Additional Tips

  • If the entire blind is taken out, it is the best opportunity to give it a good cleaning.
  • There are 2 types of lift cords. One that is looped at the end and the other that is separated into two.