How to Repair Your Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are a beautiful and stately addition to almost any house and taking care of them will help retain their beauty and function.

However, copper gutters require expertise to install and repair. If you plan to do the work yourself, you’ll need specialized skill to work with copper.

What to Avoid

Repairing copper gutters requires rivets and solder as well as knowledge of sweating joints and seams.

Any copper gutter repair done with caulk is basically ruined from the start, since caulk doesn’t expand and contract with the metal. By contrast, the soldered joint will create a watertight seam that makes the entire section of gutter react to weather and temperature as a single piece of metal rather than separate pieces.

In order to get the longevity copper gutters are known for, use solder and rivets for repairs.

Mending a Hole

The preferred method for mending a hole in a copper gutter is to use a piece of sheet copper on the inside of the gutter. Alternatively, you can use a joint or decorative cap on the exterior, or a piece of gutter laid over the old gutter.

Whatever piece of metal you choose, rivet it into place with copper rivets, then solder with copper flux.
Be sure to sweat the seam with ½ inch penetration, minimum. If  you skip this step, it greatly decreases the life of the gutter.