How To Repair Your Patio Awning

If you have a patio awning in need of repair there is no need to panic. Most often repairs are simple and much cheaper than replacing the entire awning. Here are a few ways to fix some of the most common problems.

Rips and Tears

If your awning has been up for some years, or it sits under a tree or other shrubs, you may encounter rips or tears that need mending. This isn’t a terrible repair job as long as you fix it early. If you let the tears go without repair then the problem can become much more difficult and may require a total replacement instead of a repair.

You can usually find patches at awning retailers that will fix small mends and tears. There are also special tapes you can purchase to mend small rips. If you aren’t able to find a patch or a tape for your awning, you can still fix this. You will need to find some waterproof adhesive. Trim away any threads that are hanging, and use the glue in the bottom side of the awning to seal the rip. You will want to clamp the tear together so the glue will make maximum adhesion. You can use small bundle clips, or if the tear is small enough a clothespin will work. There usually isn’t a need to replace the fabric over just a small tear.

Loose Frame Parts

If your awning is starting to sag on one side the likely culprit is a piece of the frame that is loose. This can happen over time especially if you’ve used wood instead of aluminum to construct the frame. Depending on where the loose part is, this can be a very simple fix. First check all the components of the frame for sturdiness. If you find a piece that feels loose, you can generally tighten this back up using some wood screws and a drill. Make sure all the pieces of the frame are being supported by the studs.

Retractable Awnings

If you have a retractable awning over your patio and it needs repair, this can be a little more complicated. For motorized awnings that aren’t working you will need to have a professional look at the motor. The motors in automatic awnings are prone to breaking and can generally only be repaired by a professional. Even if you have to replace the motor it will be worth the money to have a professional do this for you.

Sensors are another part of a retractable awning that tend to go out pretty quickly. A sensor is usually something you can replace on your own. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do to repair a dead sensor. Find the location of the sensor that is out and take it down. You will install the new one in the same manner as the old one came down. Check with the manufacturers guide for the replacement since these all differ from brand to brand.

It’s almost always cheaper to repair an awning than it is to replace it. Keeping up with your awning will cut back on the repairs that need to be done, but making a repair early can save a lot of money and problems down the road.