How to Repair a Toilet Tank Chain

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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

The chain in your toilet may eventually break and you will need to repair it. It is not a difficult task, but the chain must be repaired so that the toilet properly flushes. Follow these steps to complete the job quickly and easily.

Step 1 - What to Look For

A few problems indicate a broken toilet chain. A toilet that doesn't flush at all when you press the handle could mean that the chain is not attached or that it is too long. If the toilet won't stop running, the chain may be either too short or too long.

Step 2 - Reattach

The chain may have detached. If nothing happens when you press the handle, look inside the tank to make sure that the chain is attached. If it is not, reattach it. Tighten the link if necessary.

Step 3 - Too Long

A chain that is too long can get tangled in the stopper, wasting water that leaks into the bowl. If that is the case, simply tighten the chain.

Step 4 - Too Short

If the chain is too short, the stopper will not rest properly in place, causing the water to run continuously. To avoid wasting money on water, give the chain enough slack