How to Replace a Basement Subfloor

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What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Circular saw
2x4-inch board
Hammer drill
Concrete screws
Wood screws
Power screwdriver
Small pry bar
Utility knife
Tile remover

The basement subfloor in no way replaces the original floor of the basement. The original floor of the basement is concrete and the basement subfloor is typically a plywood riser.

A basement subfloor is assembled using joists and plywood, like any other floor. The basement subfloor is subject to the same hassles as a typical floor. They can warp, crack, and come loose. A basement subfloor can be replaced in these circumstances. The following article will explain how to do so.

Step 1 - Remove the Covering

Remove the carpet, linoleum, or tile. Remove carpet by scoring it around the edges. Grip a corner and pull upward. The carpet will rip from the basement subfloor. Once the carpet is removed, use a small pry bar to remove nail strips.

If you are dealing with linoleum, then you will also score it around the edges. Instead of trying to peel it off the basement subfloor, use the scraper and slide it under the linoleum. Tiles are removed the same way as the linoleum; use a hammer to crack the tiles to start.

Step 2 - Remove the Basement Subfloor

Locate the screws that fasten the plywood subfloor to the joists and remove them. Once all the screws are removed, pry away the old wood and discard it. If the floor is nailed down, then you will need to create an access point.

Use the saw to cut a piece away a piece of the plywood. Once you have this piece removed, you can pry-off the remaining sections. The joists can be knocked out of place with the hammer, if you want to replace them. It is much easier if you can salvage the joists and build over them.

Step 3 - Install Joists

Perform this step if you removed the joists. Skip to Step 4 if you kept them. Place 2x4-inch boards across the concrete floor 36-inches apart. Attach them to the concrete with L-brackets. Nail one side into the wood and use a hammer drill and concrete screws for the side of the bracket that is over the concrete.

Place one on each side, staggering them along the length of the 2x4-inch board. You can now install the braces between the 2x4-inch board on end and staggered. Cut the 2x4-inch board to the same length as the distance between the studs. You need 1 brace every 36-inches. Fasten them with wood screws.

Step 4 - Install the Basement Subfloor

Installing the basement subfloor is incredibly easy. Place full sheets of plywood over the joists. Measure any uneven sections and then cut the plywood to fit. Once the plywood is placed over the joists, fasten them in place with wood screws. Make sure the plywood is screwed into each joist it touches.