How to Replace a Bay Window

  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-750
What You'll Need
Utility knife
Pry bar
Bay window kit
Silicone caulk

To replace a bay window is often necessary due to its design structure. The design of a bay window is made in such a way that it protrudes out from the structure of the house and cuts off from the roof panel. This means that the roof of your house cannot offer protection to your bay window, making it more prone to damages compared to other types of windows. Replacing a bay window can be a daunting task but by using the materials listed below and following the steps thoroughly you can replace a bay window by yourself or with the help of a friend without hiring expensive carpenters.

Step 1-Caulking and Trimming

The initial step for the replacement of the bay window is to take out the caulking and the trim. This is done by scraping off any caulking encircling the window using a utility knife. To remove the window trim, use a pry bar. When using the pry bar to remove the trimmings do not use excessive force so as not to damage the areas around your bay window.

Step 2-Removal of the Damaged Bay Window

The bay window that needs replacement must be removed, including the frames. Have a working partner hold the existing window steadily then with a drill, take out the screws that attached the window in its place. Use a hammer to remove the nails. The old window taken out with its accompanying materials must be thrown away.

Step 3-Installing the Window Bottom Frame

To install the new bay window kit, put in the bottom frame first. The support braces of the windows must be tightly secured in its place. Determine the size of the window. For a window size of four feet wide or smaller, two braces should be used. Add more braces for larger windows.

Step 4-Putting up the Window

After putting in the support braces, it is time to put into it the new window. Have somebody hold the window in position. Be sure that the position of the window is installed in its exact place.

Step 5-Screw the Window into Support Braces

Using a drill, tighten the screws of the window into the support braces. Put in the screws at intervals of 6 to 8 inches apart.

Step 6-Installing the Roof Frame

It is now time to install the roof frame. Using the drill, place the screws tightly on the frame and into place on the bay window area.

Step 7-Caulking the Window

Put in caulking to encircle the outsides of the window. It is best to use a silicone caulk to be sure that water leakage would come out of the window edges. This is important to protect the frames of the bay window from damage caused by water.

Step 8-Securing the Bay Window Interiors

Trim should be applied to the insides of the bay window with the use of nails and a hammer. Do this securely. The trim must be positioned in such a way that the screws are fully covered.