How to Replace a Car Bucket Seat

What You'll Need
Wrench kit
What You'll Need
Wrench kit

Replacing a car bucket seat is a simple process. All you need to know is which bolts to unscrew. It is much easier to remove these seats from a car than the full sized ones. Also removing the seats will help you clean up the areas under the seat that remain inaccessible. Read on to find out how to successfully replace a car bucket seat.

Step 1 – Safety First

Before you set out on replacing the car bucket seat, make sure to take necessary precautions. Have your work gloves on. Wear a work jumpsuit to make sure you do not get grease on your clothes.

Step 2 – Prep Work

The car bucket seat is heavy, so make sure you have someone to help you. Secondly, there should be plenty of room where the car is parked. You should be able to open the doors in full swing.

Step 3 – Air Bag

The first step in replacing the car bucket step is to disable the air bags. Make sure the wheels are straight and the switch of the ignition is locked. Disconnect the battery's negative cable. Wait for the air bags to get disabled.

Step 4 – Position the Seat

In this step, you need to make sure that the car bucket seat is positioned in a way that gives access to the rear of the seat. Push the seat adjustment lever and pull the car bucket seat forward.

Step 5 – Mounting Bolts

Having made access space, now you have to remove the bolts that mount the seat to the car. Use a ratchet wrench to unbolt the screws.

Step 6 – Push Back the Seat

Now you need to unscrew the bolts in the front portion of the seat. For this, push the seat back on the track.

Step 7 – Caution

Remember you have removed the bolts at the rear. Be careful while you push the seat back, as the tracks are loose.

Step 8 – Remove the bolts

Remove the bolts in the front portion of the seat. Use a wrench to unscrew the bolts. Taking the bolts off will free the seat from the car.

Step 9 – Lift the Seat

As the bolts have been taken off, you can now freely lift the seat out of the car. Grasp the seat's sides and pull it towards the door opening.

Step 10 – Check

Check the bottom of the seat before you pull it out of the car completely. If there are any wires under the seat, then disconnect them before you take the seat out.

Step 11 – Replace

While placing a new bucket seat, you need to perform the above steps in reverse. Connect wires if any to the seat. Place the seat in position. Fasten the bolts at the back first, then proceed to screw in the bolts in the front.

Step 12 – Final Step

Enable the air bags by reconnecting them. Reconnect battery. Turn the car on to see if the power functions on the seat are working, and that's it. You're done!