How to Replace a Ceiling Fan Pull

A ceiling fan.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-40
What You'll Need
Pull chain lights switch
Voltage tester
Wire connectors
Electrical tape

Overtime the ceiling fan pull chain is damaged due to frequent use and will need to be replaced. Most ceiling fans have accompanying light that turns on and off as you pull the ceiling fan pull chain. The pull chain when tugged lights up the bulb and turns on the fan. The frequent tugging of the chains could break and cause the fan and light to malfunction. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to replace a ceiling fan pull.

Step 1 - Switch Off Electric Power

Switch off the electric power through the circuit breaker control or directly from the switch in the wall.

Step 2 - Remove Bulbs and Glass Coverings

Remove the bulbs and the glass covering from the fan’s lighting area. Find three screws attaching the lighting covering to the body of the fan, then take it off.

Step 3 - Detach Lighting Assembly

When the three screws are removed, gradually take down the lighting assembly from the body of the fan. Look for the switch of the pull chain controlling the lighting assembly. Test to make sure that the power is turned off using a touch-type voltage tester.

The pull chain assigned to the lights is normally the one situated at the lower part of the fan which is near the lights, while the pull chain assigned to the fan is the one situated near the fan blades.

Step 4 - Remove the Pull Chain

Take out any chain dangle from the chain. A screw-on cap can be seen where the pull chain connects to the fan and a chain comes out of it. Take out the screws to get out the cap so that the pull chain may be disengaged from the fan’s body.

Step 5 - Pull out Old Chain Switch

Examine the switch to find two black wires connected to it. Take out the wire connectors from both of the wires connected to the switch. Throw out the old pull chain switch.

Step 6 - Attach New Chain Switch

Connect the new pull chain switch by attaching one of its wires to the black wire that was previously disconnected from the old switch. Attach the other switch wire to the other black wire. Securely attach both wires using wire connectors, and cover it with electrical tape to join the connectors and the wires.

Step 7 - Reattach the Chain

Take out the cap of the new switch. Place in the chain and the interlocked nipple through the hole where the old switch was positioned. Put in the cap over the chain and bolt it in the interlocked nipple to securely position the pull chain switch.

Step 8 - Install Back

Insert all wires back in the box and replace back the three screws previously removed. Put back the glass covering shade, bulbs, and any chain dangle. Turn on the power and test the newly installed pull chain to ensure that it works correctly. You have just successfully replaced a ceiling fan pull.