How to Replace a Corner Bathtub Part 2

What You'll Need
PVC pipe cleaner
PVC pipe cutter
PVC cement
Adjustable wrench
1x4-inch lumber
Tile adhesive

Having removed the old corner bathtub, you now need to put a new one in its place. Like the removal, it requires strength as the ability to reach into small spaces to connect the pipes. When you’re working, remember that the end result will make all the effort worthwhile.

Step 1 - Floor and Walls

Before you bring in the new tub, check the floor and walls. The floor needs to be strong and level. If it’s not, you need to replace it; otherwise, the tub won’t sit properly. Similarly, the backboard around the top has to be strong. It should not be ordinary drywall. Check that the material is right for a tub wall. If not, then you’ll need to replace the walls with cement board to provide strength. Use PVC pipe cleaner on the exposed PVC pipe.

Step 2 - Moving the Tub

Use the lumber scraps to slide the tub into the bathroom. Slide it over the wood until you can slide the tub into position in the corner. As corner bathtubs tend to be a standard size, it should fit into position without much effort. You will need to arrange the tub so that it lines up with the drains and the water pipes. If the tub doesn’t sit quite evenly, use shims to level it.

Step 3 - Faucets

Next connect the water supply lines and the drain to the tub to secure it. If there are clips, attach them to the wall to complete securing the tub. Put the faucets on the tub and then connect them. Clean the PVC pipe and use Teflon tape on the connections before you tighten them. Don’t over tighten.

Now put the tub drain in place and tighten under the tub. Finish by putting the drain cover in place and tightening it. Turn on the water and open the faucets to allow you to check for any leaks in the water lines or the drain connection.

Step 4 - Wall

Apply a small layer of tile adhesive to the wall and put the old tiles back in place, as long as they are in good condition. After they’ve dried fully, mix some grout and apply it between the tiles, wiping off excess with a damp cloth.

Once the grout has fully set, complete the installation of the corner bathtub by running a line of silicone caulk between the tub and the wall. Dampen your fingertip and run it along the caulk to even it out. Give the caulk ample time to dry.

Clean the bathroom as the drying process continues. Clean the floor thoroughly and put the side on the tub, screwing it in place. When all that is done, run a bath and enjoy your new corner bathtub.