How to Replace a Corner Shower Rod

What You'll Need
Mounting hardware
Corner shower rod
Measuring tape
Pry bar
Hack saw

Since the shower is a moist area, the corner shower rod can get rusted, moldy, or simply out of date. Although not a very important part of the shower décor, the corner shower rod provides a lot of functions that are deemed necessary for the shower. When installed, it can hold the shower curtains that add beauty to the room. The shower curtains also act as a water barrier to prevent the other parts of the bathroom from getting wet. Replacing a corner shower rod is not difficult. With the most basic skills and tools, anyone can do it in no time. Follow these steps to quickly and easily replace a corner shower rod.

Step 1 - Removing the Old Rod

First remove the shower curtain from the rod and determine what type of mounting hardware is used to fasten it to the wall. If the rod is simply screwed to the wall studs, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws. If the rod is mounted using anchors, then the removal process may require more work.

To remove most anchors position the pry bar at the anchor head and pound the pry bar with a hammer until the anchor comes loose. If necessary, cut the anchor using a hack saw. For other types of anchors, research on how they are best removed. Once the mounting hardware has been removed, pull out the old rod to make room for the new one.

Step 2 - Choosing a Replacement Rod

Determine which type of replacement rod is best for the corner shower. Doing so depends on the design of the corner shower. The L-shaped rod is the most common type, but some rods have a curved shape. Determine what type of mounting hardware the rod needs as well. If the shower wall is made of cement, then anchor bolts may be required. If the shower has studs from which to mount the device, then screws will work.

Step 3 - Prepping the Walls

Determine how high the replacement rods should be installed. The height depends on many factors, such as the length of the curtain, the height of the wall, and the average height of the persons using the shower. Once the best height is decided, position the rod on the wall to check where the mounting hardware will be installed. Mark the spots for drilling. Take note that some shower rods come with an added support that attaches to the ceiling. For these units, mark the mounting spot on the ceiling as well.

Step 4 - Mounting the Rod

Drill marked holes in the wall and follow the recommended diameter and depth. While holding the rod, install the screws or mounting hardware. Ensure that the rod is secured before installing the curtains.