How to Replace a Cracked Ceramic Shower Tile

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Pry bar
Putty Knife
Grout and grout saw
Tile adhesive
Knotch trowel
Putty knife
New tile

Having a cracked ceramic shower tile can be dangerous. Depending on the extent of the crack, it can cut your feet. Replacing a cracked ceramic shower tile is not a difficult task. Instead of calling a professional, you can replace the cracked tile yourself which is cost-saving. By following the steps outlined below, you will have your shower looking like new in no time. To begin, make sure you have all the tools you need before beginning this project.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Tile

Take the grout saw and scratch the grout from all 4 sides of the cracked tile. Once the grout has been removed, place the cardboard on the good tile to protect it. Gently use the pry bar to pull up the cracked tile. You may need to break the cracked tile into smaller pieces if it does not pry easily. You will need a hammer and chisel to remove the pieces of cracked tile. Once all of the cracked tile has been removed, scrape away any remaining adhesive or grout and clean the area with a damp cloth.

Step 2 - Apply the Adhesive

Using the flat end of your knotched trowel, apply the adhesive to the back of the new tile. Turn the trowel around and use the knotched end to make edges in the tile. Make sure you have enough adhesive on the tile to ensure it bonds well with the floor surface.

Step 3 - Adding the New Tile

Set the tile in place by twisting it back and forth. You should keep applying pressure on the tile until it is the same height as the other tiles. Make sure the tile has an even amount of space on all sides, so that it looks like it belongs there. Remove any excess adhesive.

Step 4 - Grout

After letting the adhesive dry, you can then apply the grout on all 4 sides of the new tile. It is probably best to use your finger tips for this process to make sure the grout fills the joints. Wipe down the tile with a damp sponge until all the excess grout has been removed. Let the grout dry for a minimum of 24 hours before using the shower.

As you can see this, it is a relatively easy project. It will make a good teaching project for anyone interested in learning how to replace old or cracked tiles. It will even be a good family project with all members being responsible for one specific task. When the project is complete, you and your family will be proud of completing the project yourselves.