How to Replace a Crankshaft Pulley

What You'll Need
Engine pulley remover
Power drill
Locking pliers

A crankshaft pulley is a combination of wheels in a block or blocks in a tackle, that increases the force being applied to the vehicle's engine. If the input rate of rotation in a system is greater than the output rate of rotation, then it is called an under drive. If your car is driven on the street with not more than 15-20 percent under drive, then you need to be careful about the car. Poorly designed pulleys face side effects due to a lot of under drive in the alternator, power steering or the air conditioning units. The bad effects can cause the headlights of the car turning dim while coming to a halt or the volume of the stereo may lower day by day.

While replacing the original pulley, you need to be very careful because if the replacement pulley is not properly manufactured, then it may damage your vehicle. A round shaped pulley is attached to the crankshaft by a bolt in the center of the crankshaft pulley that is located at the front or side of your vehicle's engine. You must use a special tool for removing the crankshaft pulley called the engine pulley remover. This engine pulley remover is easily available for rent or sale in any auto parts shop. Engines in the cars differ from each other and so do the way of gaining access to the pulley, but the procedure to replace the pulley remains the same. Replacing a crankshaft pulley of your car is a task made easy if the steps given below are followed.

Step 1: Locating The Defective Pulley

Locating the defective pulley is an easy task. First, open the hood of your car. The defective pulley is a round piece of metal that has a small arm at the top and a plastic roller at the bottom. This small plastic roller is fixed down on the drive belt which keeps the belt and the pulley intact.

Step 2: Removing The Drive Belt

Fix a pair of locking pliers to the arm which is on top of the defective pulley. Now you must pull the pliers so that you lift the roller of the defective pulley. This releases the drive belt. Now, remove the belt from the defective crankshaft pulley.

Step 3: Connecting The Drill and Pulley Remover

Next, securely fix the power drill to the engine pulley remover. Make sure you tighten the tip of power drill, when you apply pressure to remove the defective pulley.

Step 4: Removing The Pulley

There will be a bolt at the center of the pulley. Make sure this bolt gets into the socket that is located at the center of the engine pulley remover, when you place its teeth on the pulley. To remove the pulley, reverse the power drill when you pull the trigger. Undo the bolt of the pulley and remove the defective pulley from the engine.

Step 5: Installing The New Pulley

Take the new crankshaft pulley and place it on the engine. Screw the bolt at the center of the new pulley. Follow the reverse way of removing the bolt to fix it in the new pulley. In the same manner, place the drive belt on the pulley and follow the reverse procedure of removing the drive belt. Now remove the pliers and shut the hood of your car. You have successfully replaced the crankshaft pulley of your vehicle.