How to Replace a Dishwasher Drain Hose

A drain hose being plugged into a wall behind a dishwasher.
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 45
What You'll Need
Adjustable wrench
New dishwasher drain hose

Replacing a dishwasher drain hose is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects. It is not complicated, so you do not need to spend extra on getting a pro for the job. In fact, if you have a few basic tools, you can complete this job under an hour. Just follow the steps below and get your dishwasher back in working order quickly.

Step 1 - Cut the Electrical Supply

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The first step when working on any electric appliance repair should always be to cut the power. Either disconnect the dishwasher's power cord from the socket, or just cut the circuit at the breaker box until the job is complete. Double check that you're in the clear by trying to turn the machine on.

Step 2 - Remove the Drain Connection

Locate the drain connection first. It will obviously be found around the drain, so start there on the inside if you are having trouble finding it. Then, detach the connection by unscrewing the nuts holding it in place with an adjustable wrench.

Step 3 - Move the Machine

In order to access the drain hose itself, you will have to move the dishwasher. The appliance will normally be held in place by brackets which are secured with screws. Loosen the screws to remove the brackets and slide the machine out. If you find it difficult to move the machine, check the wiring to see that it isn't in need of untangling.

Step 4 - Disconnect the Drain Hose

The drain hose itself is generally located at the left-hand side on the bottom of the machine, closer to the floor. Once you've found it, trace it to the spot where it leads into the cabinet. You'll need to know its point of origin in order to replace it.

Place a bucket underneath the drain hose connection at the sink and a rag underneath the connection at the dishwasher to soak up any water in the hose. Then, with pliers, proceed to detach the existing hose. Squeeze the clamp and simply slide the hose out.

Step 5 - Install the New Hose

Connect a proper replacement hose to the drain and the dishwasher, making sure the new one will work with your specific make and model. Then, clamp in the connector and ascertain the hold of the seal.

Step 6 - Replace the Dishwasher

Slide the dishwasher back into its original position. This time around, be careful with the wires; make sure they do not get tangled up. Once it's in place, screw the brackets back in so everything is secure.

Step 7 - Reconnect the Power and Test

Either switch the breaker to the dishwasher back on or plug the appliance back in to reconnect the power supply. Then, check that your repair was successful by putting the machine through a test run.

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