How to Replace a Door Skin in Your Home

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  • 4-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-350
What You'll Need
Door skin
Die grinder
Seam sealant
2 clamps
Cloth/Old rag

A door skin can add aesthetic quality to any door. However, with time, the outer skin tends to get damaged or worn out. The best way to keep the door looking good is to replace the door skin. The door skin can be easily removed and replaced using the right kind of tools. Here’s how you can replace a door skin in your home.

Step 1 – Remove the Damaged Skin

You may need to remove the door from its hinges in order to remove and replace the door skin. Use a screwdriver to unhinge the door, and then lay the door on a work table or a flat surface. Once the door has been properly propped up for the work to begin, use a die grinder to grind the edges of the door. As soon as the edges are a little ground, you will be able to catch hold of the old door skin. Use the die grinder on the areas of the door where the skin folds. For welded skins, you will have to move the die grinder till it eliminates the welding. Once you are sure that the skin is loose, you can stop the grinding. Simply hold the skin and remove it with your hands.

Step 2 – Prepare the New Skin

To put on the new skin, first sand the edges of the new skin. This allows the skin lips to fold easily. Remove the welds on the new skin and clean it thoroughly using a piece of cloth. Once the skin is prepared, position it on the dismantled door.

Step 3 – Attach the New Skin

You can start putting on the adhesive either on the door or the skin. If you are putting the adhesive on the door, clean the door beforehand. The adhesive should cover all the surfaces where the skin will be folded. If you have applied the adhesive in the right amounts, you will not have to use a seam sealer. Carefully start pressing the skin on to the door, allowing the two to bond tightly.

Step 4 – Stick and Fold the Edges

Once the skin is bonded to the door, you will have to fold the skin on the edges for a better stick. The easiest way to do this is to use a hammer and dolly on the edges of the door. You do not have to completely hammer the skin. Use the hammer and dolly lightly. To avoid the skin from shifting from its place, you can use two clamps that will hold the skin in place. Use the hammer to tap on the edges of the skin until the skin begins to fold correctly. Use 90 degree angles to hammer the skin. Do this gently so as to not damage the door or the skin. You can also use a seam sealer if you find that the door skin is not sticking correctly.

Step 5 – Reassemble the Door

Once the skin has been applied to the door, use the screwdrivers to re-hinge the door and attach it to the doorway.