How to Replace a Garage Door Circuit Board

What You'll Need
Step Ladder
Nut Driver/Ratchet Set
New Circuit Board

When the garage door circuit board goes bad the automatic garage door opener will not operate as it should. Many homeowners today have installed garage door openers in their garages in order to make driving in and out much easier and more convenient. But, when the garage door circuit board is faulty, there can be problems with the operation. It can be an intermittent operation or just not work at all. Replacing the garage door circuit board is a very easy process that requires basic hand tools and safety equipment. 

Step 1: Turn off Power to Garage Door Opener

If you have determined that the garage door circuit board is faulty you will need to replace it. Before you start to work on the garage door opener make sure to disconnect the power to it. You can do this by either pulling the electrical plug out of the outlet, or by turning off the circuit breaker if the opener is hard wired into the garage. 

Step 2: Position Ladder Under Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener circuit board is located within the casing of the opener itself. You will need to use a ladder to gain access to the circuit board. Position a step ladder under the garage door opener, but off to the side just slightly. This will allow you to stand upright on the ladder and work in a more natural position. 

Step 3: Remove Front Cover

The front cover of the garage door opener is where the light is also located. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover and set aside in a safe place. Remove the light and set that aside also. With the nut drivers, or a ratchet, remove the back panel cover in behind the light fixture. You will now have access to the garage door circuit board. 

Step 4: Disconnect Wires

Look inside the housing of the garage door opener and check for the wires that are connected to the circuit board. These wires will be simply pressed and locked into position with clips. Use a screwdriver to pry open the tab and loosen the wires. Remove the wires and let them dangle in place. 

Step 5: Remove Circuit Board

Use the screwdriver and loosen the screws that are holding the garage door circuit board to the housing. There are usually four to five screws depending on the manufacturer. Set these screws in a safe place so that you do not lose any of them. Remove the board.

Step 6: Install New Circuit Board

The new garage door circuit board can then be installed into the place where the old one was located. Set the new board into position and secure with the screws that are included with it. Re-install the wires into the tabs where they were in the previous board. Make sure that they lock into position. 

Step 7: Replace Pieces and Plug In

Replace the cover of the housing and the light assembly. Put in the light bulb and secure the cover over the unit. Plug in the garage door opener and test it out to make sure that the door operates as it should.