How to Replace a Glass Shower Door Sweep

glass shower in bathroom

A glass shower door sweep is the strip of rubber or similar material that lines the base of your shower door and prevents leakage while the water is running. If you've noticed that water appears to build up on the floor of your bathroom while you run the shower, it is likely that your sweep has lost some of its effectiveness. Replacing the strip will help to keep your bathroom dry during a shower. Follow these steps to replace the rubber sweep for a glass shower door in your home.

Step 1 - Collect Your Materials and Tools

Before you begin to install a new shower sweep, you'll need to collect all of the proper materials and tools for the job. Gather the following items before you begin:

  • New door sweep (of the same size and design as the previous one)
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Petroleum jelly

A new door sweep is available at a hardware or home improvement store. If you have trouble determining the sweep that you'll need, consult with a representative at the store.

Step 2 - Remove the Existing Sweep

Open the shower door and prepare to remove the existing shower sweep. If the sweep is glued down to the base of the shower, grab one of the ends of the sweep and firmly pull the sweep away from the door until the entire piece gradually comes loose. If the sweep is connected to the base of a shower door track, you may need to unscrew it from the track in order to remove it.

If you had a difficult time determining the proper size for your replacement sweep, take the removed sweep in to a hardware store in order to match it with a new one. The height of the two sweeps should be the same, but the new sweep will likely be longer than the existing one; this is not a problem.

Step 3 - Cut the New Sweep to Length

Use a pair of scissors to cut the new sweep so that it's the same length as the old one. At this point, the two sweeps should be exactly the same height and length, and you're ready to install the new sweep into the shower base.

Step 4 - Install the New Sweep

Fit the new sweep into the base of the shower. It should fit very snugly and create an air-tight seal so that water will not be able to leak out of the base of the shower. If the new sweep sticks while you're trying to install it, or if it seems to be a bit too tight to fit into the shower, use petroleum jelly to help lubricate it. If the sweep is too long, you may need to adjust the size once again with scissors.

If your new sweep still doesn't seem to help prevent water from leaking, consider using caulk to reseal the base of the shower, or call a plumber for a professional opinion.