How to Replace a Golf Cart Motor with a Bike Motor

  • 6-12 hours
  • Advanced
  • 400-1000
What You'll Need
Mechanics tools: wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, etc.
Replacement engine
Safety goggles

Replacing your golf cart motor with a bike motor will increase the speed and horsepower in your golf cart. It is not, however, an easy task for a do-it-yourselfer. By installing a bike motor, or more specifically an ATV or snowmobile motor, into your golf cart, you will be able to reach much faster speeds. Make sure this is appropriate for your use of the golf cart. Those on the course with your high performance cart may not appreciate it as much as you do. Conversely, sometimes a max speed of fifteen miles per hour is a hazard.

A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of small engines is critical to a successful replacement. Otherwise, you may find your original motor half torn apart or removed with no idea how to replace it, necessitating a trip to the mechanic anyway. Not only can this wind up costing you a good amount of money, but may cost more if fittings were damage in the removal.

Step 1 - Remove Body Panels

Start by removing as many panels as possible to make maneuvering around the engine area. This can usually be accomplished with a variety of screwdrivers and wrenches. Label each panel for ease of reassembly.

Step 2 - Prepare the Engine for Removal

Take a moment to locate all of the various attachments to the existing motor. It may be wise to label them, so that there is no confusion what went where originally. Disconnect the battery (just remove it altogether) and drain all the fluids: oil, coolant, fuel. Catch and reserve the fluids in separate containers to be properly disposed of. Begin the removal by removing all bolts, clamps, and various other fasteners. Reserve these fasteners. Some may find it helpful to label them as well, or place in labeled containers. Disconnect all hoses. Work from the top down.

Step 3 - Remove the Engine

Using a lift or a good friend, lift out the engine from the golf cart. Examine the motor mounts to ensure there is no damage. Clean away accumulated dirt and debris with an air compressor or a paste of baking soda and water and rags. Now is the time to identify other components that are overly worn and in need of replacement.

Step 4 - Install New Engine

Begin replacing fasteners, hoses, and other components in the reverse order that they were removed. Because you have already labeled your attachments, the re-installation should go a lot more smoothly. Take your time, and reference any literature that came with the new motor. Refill fluids with fresh material and manually pump fluids to bring their levels in the motor up. Reinstall the battery and reconnect it. Prep the carburetor manually if needed.

That's it. Start up the golf cart and make sure everything seems to be working as it should. Make sure all bolts and connections are tightened, and retighten after a week or so if needed.