How to Replace a Granite Kitchen Work Table Top

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Power drill
Screwdriver bit and/or ratchet set
Dust mask
Masonry drill bit
Replacement granite slab

If you have a granite top work table in your kitchen, over time it may become scratched, broken or otherwise damaged in some way. Before you run out to the store to buy a new table, consider taking the time and effort to replace the table top yourself. With a little patience and attention to detail you should be able to make this repair by yourself. Below you will find the steps you will need to take to complete this repair.

Step 1: Flip Table Over

The first step you will want to take when making this repair is to flip the granite table over so that it is on its top. You may want to ask a friend to help you with this step, as granite table tops can be extremely heavy and unwieldy. You will be working with your table top upside down for the remainder of this project.

Step 2: Remove Legs

Next, you will want to remove the legs from the granite table top from the bottom. Legs on granite work tables may be either metal or wood, and will typically be attached to the granite table top with either bolts or screws, so you will use either a screwdriver or ratchet set to loosen and remove the legs. Unless there is some structural problem with the legs, you should be able to use them for your new table, so be sure to keep track of the screws and/or bolts that you remove from the legs.

Step 3: Purchase New Granite Slab

When purchasing a new granite slab to serve as the new top for your table, your options will be limited only by your imagination and the supply of granite at your local distributor. You can use the same color and shape as the top that you just removed, or you can go in a different direction.

Step 4: Drill Holes into Granite

It is possible to buy granite slabs that will have pre-drilled holes in them to be used as table tops, but we will assume that the slab of granite that you have purchased has not been drilled. Place the granite slab with the topside facing towards the floor on a surface that will not scratch the granite top. Next, select a masonry drill bit that matches the diameter of the bolts or screws that will attach the legs of your table to the table top. Mark the spots where you will need to drill holes with a marker. Then, drill directly into the granite table top with your power drill. You may have to go in and out occasionally to allow dust to escape from the hole.

Step 5: Screw On Legs and Turn Over

Using your screwdriver or ratchet set, screw on the legs that you unscrewed in Step 2. Make sure that the legs are attached sturdily before continuing. When you are done, flip the table over with the help of a friend.