How to Replace a Hammer Handle

A hammer handle is part of the hammer than occasionally needs to be replaced. In former times, the hammer head was purchased and the hammer handles were fashioned out of available lumber. Today, it is possible to purchase hammer handles at local retail home improvement centers.

Customizing the Handle for Attachment

When purchasing a hammer handle for an existing hammer, choose a handle that easily fits into your hand and is not overly heavy for your purposes. In addition to attaching the handle to the hammer head, you will probably need to modify the handle a bit so that it fits neatly with the head.

Remove the head from the existing handle. There will probably be metal shims between the hammer head and the handle. Preserve these so that you can use them with the new handle.

Place the new handle in a vice and carefully set the hammer head over the top of the handle. Fit any needed metal shims into place until the head fits neatly on the handle. It may be necessary to use a rubber mallet to push the shims into place so that the head fits tightly and does not wobble or wiggle when it is used.

Test the hammer by hitting it against something hard, taking precautions in case the head is not securely attached. You do not want to be hit if the hammer head goes flying off at your first swing.