How to Replace a Hedge Trimmer Blade

What You'll Need
Hedge Trimmer
Replacement blade
Safety glasses

Replacing a hedge trimmer blade isn't as bad as it sounds and is actually pretty simple. Here are a few steps that can help you make the process go quickly and safely.

Step 1 - Check out your Trimmer

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that the hedge trimmer that you have can't be sharpened. This is actually a very common mistake that people make and they think that they have to go out and get a replacement for their blade when in reality they can just sharpen it themselves or have it done. If the blade is bolted in then you are able to sharpen it and you won't need to get a replacement (and you can skip the rest of these steps). If it isn't bolted in then you know that you can replace it. If your blade needs to be replaced then you can check for the model number and brand to bring in.

Step 2 - Finding a Replacement Blade

Obviously you have to have a blade with which to replace the old one. If you don't trust yourself writing down the model and brand number then you can bring the old blade - very carefully - into the store with you.

Step 3 - Take Out the Old Blade

Note: Gloves and safety glasses are recommended when you work with sharp objects, especially removing and replacing blades.

Before you can put in the new blade you have to take out the old blade. This is done a little differently depending on the model that you have but typically there is an eject button you can press to loosen up the blade and you can carefully wiggle it out. If there is no eject button then you turn it and then pull out. Many come with instructions or you can tell by what the area around the blade looks like.

Step 4 - Putting the New Blade In

The final step is to put the new blade in. Again, be careful to make sure that your eyes and hands are covered and then, repeating the way that you removed the old blade, slide in the new blade and secure it.

Step 5 - Test the Blade

Testing the new blade in the air away from other people is a good way to make sure that no one will get hurt and that the blade is secure and works properly. While this step isn't necessary, it definitely is recommended.

After these steps you are all finished and can continue with your hedge trimming duties. Keep in mind when you are buying a new hedge trimmer to ask the store if they do blade replacements for customers and if so what is the fee. Many times, depending on where you purchase the hedge trimmer, they will do the replacements if you bring it in. A lot of times though they don't tell you this upfront unless you ask them straight out.