How to Replace a Horizontal Sliding Window Sash

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A horizontal sliding window sash is designed to keep warm air in and cold air away from a house. In order to make this possible, there needs to exist a seal before the window sash which will keep the structure airtight. When this seal no longer works, weather-stripping no longer occurs, and then it is time to replace the horizontal sliding window sash.

Removing a Sash From an Older Window

To remove a horizontal sliding window sash from an older window made out of wood, take a knife and score the edges. Next, slowly take out the stop with a screwdriver.

Removing a Sash From Newer Windows

Removing a sash from a newer window is a lot easier than it was for an older window. First, with your right hand, you will slowly tug inward from the top of the sash. Once half of the sash is sticking out, the other half will come right out.

Take Out the Sash Cords

Once the window is apart it is time to remove the sash cords. Make sure to replace both sash cords. Before you replace the sash cords you will need to remove the weight pocket. To do this, take out the interior stops that exist on both sides of the window frame. With a putty knife, you can firmly remove the window stops to get leverage.

Removing the Metal Track

Located on the lower part of the window is a metal track. Make sure to remove this from both parts of the window. Once this is done you will be able to completely remove the window sash from the window frame.

Removing the Parting Strip

Located on both sides of the window frame is a pocket cover that you will remove. Next, remove the weights out of the weight pockets.

Installing the Sash Cord

First, measure the length of an old sash cord. With this measurement, you will cut another piece that mirrors that measurement. With a weighted piece used over a pulley, you want to draw the new sash cord up through the weight pocket. Once this is done you can attach the weight to the cord.

Put the Window in Place

To reassemble the window first you will need to replace the weight pocket covers. Next, put the parting strips back into place. Screw these strips on with flat head screws. Then place the window sash onto the sill and reattach the new sash cords. After putting this sash into the right spot, replace the metal tracks using screws, and replace the interior stops as well.

Add Silicon

If the window sticks when opening and closing, add silicon to both the interior stop and parting strip.