How to Replace a Nursery Crib Slider

What You'll Need
Slider kits (purchased from manufacturer)
Track kits (purchased from manufacturer)
Wood glue

Drop side nursery cribs are among the most popular models of cribs sold in the US. Most of the sliders are made of plastic, and with regular use they can become damaged and weakened. Replacing the sliders is a simple process, and can keep your crib safe for your baby.

Step 1 - Remove the Slides and Tracks

When you replace the sliders, you may as well replace the tracks as well. If a track is loose, you may not see it right away. Since these are inexpensive parts, just plan on replacing both pieces on both sides of the sliding wall. A simple screwdriver is all you need to remove the old slides and tracks. Set the screws aside, as you may need them later.

Step 2 - Inspect the Surface

Check the wood under the slides and tracks for damage. If you see signs of damage, you can fill this in with wood glue and sand it down before you install the new hardware.

Step 3 - Attach the New Sliders

The new sliders will just slip over the ends of the top corners of the sliding wall. Press back on the ends to ensure they are placed tightly on the corner. Use the drill to start placing the screws. You don't want to drill them all the way in, rather just enough to secure them in place for now. Most slide kits come with the necessary screws, but you can also use the screws you set aside in case the kit didn't include new ones. 

Step 4 - Attach the Tracks

The tracks are placed along the inside of the slider wall and are placed in pairs of two for most cribs. The kits you purchase will be made specifically for certain crib models, so you will have the right number of tracks. Line the new tracks up with the marks from the old ones. Use the drill to start the screws, but again, don't tighten them all the way.

Step 5 - Line it Up

Pick up the slider wall and check to ensure the sliders and the tracks line up properly. If they don't, remove the screws and make the necessary adjustments. Continue this back and forth until everything lines up.

Step 6 - Tighten Everything Down

Now you can tighten all the screws. Start with the sliders and work back and forth between the screws and tighten them by hand with the screwdriver. Move on to the tracks and tighten those in the same manner. Using a drill for this step can actually damage the wood and create an unsafe condition for the baby, so avoid using the drill unless you have to. With everything tightened down you can place the slider wall back on the crib and slide it a few times to ensure it's working correctly.