How to Replace a Parquet Floor Tile

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  • 1-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-700
What You'll Need
Parquet floor tile
Hammer or rubber mallet
Dust pan

Using parquet floor tile in any room can present you with many unique benefits. However, if one of the tiles is damaged after the floor has been installed, replacing that tile can be tricky. Follow these few simple steps to replace a parquet floor tile that has been damaged.

Locate a Replacement

The first thing that you will need to do is locate a replacement tile for the job. This often proves to be the most difficult part of the job. Your best bet is to try and find leftover tiles from the original installation; this will ensure that the tile matches exactly as it is from the same dye lot.

If you do not have any leftover from the original job, contact the manufacturer or the store where you bought the tile. Try to get the same exact style and color so the replacement tile won't be noticeable.

Drill Holes

Depending on how the tile was damaged, some tiles could be harder to remove than others. For example, if the tile was damaged by water, it may just pop up off of the ground. However, it will probably be stuck down to the floor pretty well. In that case, drill several holes in the center of the tile. Make a row of holes across the face of the tile as this will help to loosen it up a bit.

Remove the Tile

Use a chisel and hammer or rubber mallet to start chipping right by where you made the holes. This will help break up the parquet tile into pieces. You should be able to use your hammer and chisel to clean out any small pieces of tile that are left in the spot. Try and see if you can remove any additional adhesive or anything that is left in place after you chip out the tile.

Saw the Tongue

You will have to saw off the tongues that lock the new tiles into the other tiles. Be careful to saw them off without damaging the tile itself.

Install the New Tile

Spread out some adhesive into the opening where you removed the previous tile. Place the new tile down into the opening and press it firmly into the adhesive. If any adhesive comes out around the edges, be sure to wipe it off. Place something heavy on the tile overnight and let it dry.