How to Replace a Pool Skimmer

Whether your pool is in the ground or above it, when the time comes to replace the pool skimmer, why not consider installing a solar powered pool skimmer? A solar skimmer has a sleek design, and operates automatically, cleaning your pool, promoting a better environment, and offering  an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional skimmers.

Forget Traditional Skimmers

A traditional pool skimmer works by filtering the pool water as it is pumped through the system. Until a few years ago this was the only way to use a skimmer, but this method creates a huge increase in power consumption. With the introduction of solar pool skimmers, the same job can now be performed whether the pool pump is operating or not. Remove your old skimmer, and slip a solar pool skimmer.

How Solar Skimmers Save Money

A solar pool skimmer is an automatic floating pool skimmer that "swims" around your pool continually when the sun shines. It does not rely on the pump system, so you can reduce your pump operation by as much as 66 percent without any problems, and that represents one of the largest costs of pool operation. And because the solar pool skimmer baskets are cleaning at the surface, debris is removed from the water before it can contaminate the system, reducing costs even more.