How to Replace a Pool Skimmer Basket

What You'll Need
Pool skimmer basket

The pool skimmer basket is a vital filtering device in your pool. As the water cycles through the pump it flows through the pool skimmer basket which catches debris. Without the pool skimmer basket in place the debris will enter the pool and eventually clog the pump. A broken pool skimmer basket is useless and the following article will show you how to replace it.

Step 1 - Power

When replacing the pool skimmer basket it is important to shut the power off to the pool pump. You can either unplug the power or turn it off at the breaker.

Step 2 - Access

The pool skimmer basket, depending on the pool style, may be located on the side of the pool or on the pump. There is a cap that is over the basket. This cap can be removed by either pulling it off, sliding it off or by unscrewing a nut.

Step 3 - Removal

Reach inside the container and grip the basket. Turn it to unlock it and remove it from the pool.

Step 4 - Replacing the Pool Skimmer Basket

Place the new basket in the container and lock it down. Replace the cap and turn the power on.