How to Replace a Post Hole Digger Blade

What You'll Need
replacement blades
Allen wrench

A post hole digger blade is one of the most important parts of this tool. Using this digger is the fastest way for you to create a hole. You might have to use this if you are building a flower bed, erecting a basketball hoop, or doing other landscaping jobs. The post hole digger blade plays a big role in getting the job done. In some types of diggers, you burry the blades as far back as you need to and you use it to pull the chunks of soil out. There are also some models that are powered by an engine or an electric motor. These are referred to as earth augers. This is a handy tool to have around especially if you do a lot of home improvement work. But what happens when the blade breaks and has to be replaced? Or what about if you have to drill a hole onto an icy surface and you need ice auger blades? The answer is simple as you can easily replace the post hole digger blades yourself. You do not need that many tools for this and it does not take much time.

Step 1: Removing the Blades

The first thing you need to do is to take the present blades out. To do this, the auger should be turned upside-down. Make sure that you are holding on to the auger firmly but that your hands are far away from the blades. These are very sharp even when they do have to be replaced and they can easily cut you if you are not alert. You are now ready to take off the first blade.

Step 2: Marking the Blades

Before you remove the first of the old blades, look at it and study how it was placed on the body of the auger. Use a marker pen to place an 'X' on the top portion. See to it that you are placing the replacement blades right side up because otherwise you will not get the auger to work. When you have taken out the blade, hold it along with the new one. Mark the new blade in the same spot you marked the old one. To help you, the top part of the blade should be flat and the bottom one should have a beveled edge.

Step 3: Unscrewing the Blades

Take your Allen wrench and use it to remove the screws that secure the old blade. You will find the screw heads on the bottom side of the top part of the auger. Use the wrench to turn the screws slowly. When they are no longer too tight, you can use your fingers to pry it off.

Step 4: Replacing the Blades

Once you have unscrewed the old blade, carefully remove it and set it on the floor. Position the new blade in the same place the old one was in. Screw the blades back on and hand-tighten  them. Do the same procedures to the second blade and put back the blade guards after.