How to Replace a Power Hammer Head

What You'll Need
Power hammer
Hammer head
Master mechanic skills
Welding skills
Knowledge of industrial electric motors

First invented in the 19th century, a power hammer is a tool used by blacksmiths, metal workers, bladesmiths, and manufacturers. A power hammer consists of it's frame, an anvil and a hammer head that is held in by a reciprocating ram. It is a mechanical forging hammer that works by using a power source such as steam or compressed air to raise the hammer and strike it into the work that requires hammering.

Even though power hammers are sold, mechanics have been making their own power hammers from scratch. Because power hammers house tremendous force blow for blow, power hammer heads need to be replaced when used for long periods of time. These are things that you should consider if you really want to replace your power hammer's head by yourself.

Step 1 – Have you Got the Skills?

If you are considering replacing your own hammer head, you should make sure that you are knowledgeable in industrial electric motors and experienced as a mechanic and welder. If not, then you might require outside assistance because the installation of a new power hammer head is complex and otherwise, the newly installed power hammer head will not work correctly. If you are replacing it because there is an electrical fault or some wear and tear with the hammer head's electrical wiring, you need to correctly re-install the wires to the hammer. You also need to have knowledge of industrial electric motors. It is because a mechanical power hammer uses the motion of a rotating crankshaft. There is also a counter weight near the hammer head's weight. The rotating crankshaft is driven by an engine or motor and is controlled by a foot pedal. An air power hammer requires a lot of electrical work. An air power hammer uses a control circuit that tells the machine to go up and down and expel air when you press on the foot pedal.

Step 2 – Measuring the Weight Ratio

Do you know the weight of your power hammer's anvil? The reason for this is that the anvil needs to be at a ratio of at least 10 to 1 of the weight of the hammer head.

Step 3 – What kind of Hammer Head is Used?

There are two different types of modern power hammers—air power and mechanical power hammers. A mechanical power hammer head is metallic. Air power hammer head is powered by air—compressed air, to be exact. It works by providing force and energy by accelerating the ram that is expelling the compressed air on the downward stroke. It is so powerful that it can even sometimes expel more energy than the weight!

If you are still interested in wanting to change your power hammer's head, you can order it online. There will be instructions included in the package.