How to Replace a Radial Arm Saw Table

A man works on a saw table.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-40
What You'll Need
MDF board
Nuts and bolts
Drill, with a recess attachment
Measuring tape
Marking pencil

If you own a radial table saw, then you already know that the radial arm saw table can get pretty beat up over time. The radial arm saw table is made out of wood, and with good reason. The saw actually will dig into the table on many cutting jobs. The metal base that is below the wood will tear up the saw blade in no time. Replacing a torn up saw table is not a difficult job and should take you about an hour, with simple skills and tools.

Step 1 - Take Measurements of Your Table

Take proper measurements of the size of your metal table. You will want to make a table that is the exact size. It can have a small overhang if you wish, but no more than 2 inches. Once you have measured, transfer those measurements to the MDF.

Step 2 - Cut the MDF

After you have marked your MDF with the proper measurement, you need to cut your board. Place the board on top of the metal surface and make any final adjustments to the size.

Step 3 - Make It Level

Once you have the board in the correct size, you need to make certain that it's level. Use the saw to help you with this step. You want to ensure that the blade can cross the surface without digging into the board. If you have a section that's too low or too high you'll need to adjust the saw for the new tabletop.

Step 4 - Mark the Board

There are pre-drilled holes in the metal table. You're going to attach the wood to the metal through these holes. From underneath the table, mark where these holes are at.

Step 5 - Drill

Use a small bit and drill through the marks in order to transfer them to the top side of the wood. After you know where to drill, you need to use the recessed bit to make the proper holes for your bolts. It's a good idea to also use large washers so that you can keep the bolts from ripping through.

Step 6 - Attach the New Table

Using the nuts, bolts, and washers, place the MDF board on the table top and attach the wood. You need to make sure that the bolts are recessed into the board and that the nuts are attached on the bottom of the table. Make certain that the bolts are tight and that the tabletop is secure.

This is an inexpensive way that you can replace your wood tabletop. You can certainly choose a more expensive wood. However, it will just get torn up by the saw eventually anyway. Knowing how to do this simple project will save you time and money from having a new one shipped to you from the manufacturer or buying one from the store.