How to Replace a Radiator Fan Shroud

Radiator Fans
  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Radiator fan shroud

When a radiator fan shroud gets broken or cracked it is time to replace the shroud. These are two most common reasons to replace the shroud. This is because with a cracked or broken shroud it will eventually get into the radiator fan and break the fan blades. One of the biggest problems with a cracked shroud is the fan just tapping the cracked piece. Though it is not a major problem it is loud and annoying. This causes replacement of the shroud to not only be needed, but also wanted. When it comes to replacing the shroud the basic step are the same, but every shroud is different depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Here are some basic steps to removing the fan shroud.

Step 1 Choosing Right Tools

Since there are so many types of vehicles, choosing the right tools will help make the removal of the radiator fan shroud easier. When choosing the tools you need, it depends on what all you have to remove in order to get the shroud out. On some vehicles you have to only remove the radiator fan to remove the shroud. On others you have to remove the radiator because the fan is unable to be removed. Then there are the ones that the fan and shroud come out as one piece. Basically the tools are the same it all depends on your vehicle if you need more or less tools. Since there are different way for the shrouds to come off the next few step will go over these three types.

Step 2 Remove Radiator Fan

The style that you can just remove the radiator fan is the easiest. There are four bolts on the rear of the fan shaft. Remove these bolts and set the fan to the side. Now remove the fan shroud from the radiator. The number of nuts you will need to remove depends on your vehicle type. Once you have the shroud loose from the radiator lift it straight up.

Step 3 Remove the Radiator

If your radiator fan is unable to be removed then you will need to remove the radiator to remove the shroud. First you need to separate the shroud from the radiator. Remove the nuts that connect your shroud to your radiator. Push the shroud back over the radiator fan. Before you can remove the radiator you need to drain it. On the bottom of your radiator is a drain plug. Once the radiator is drained than remove the upper and lower radiator hoses. Next remove the top clamps that hold your radiator in place. If your vehicle is an automatic remove the transmission lines and pull the radiator straight up. Now that the radiator is out pull the shroud back to where the radiator sits then pull it out.

Step 4 All One Piece

On some vehicles the shroud and the radiator fan are one assembly. When removing this type of shroud you first need to unplug the fan from the wiring of the vehicle. Next remove the nuts that connect the shroud to the radiator and pull it straight up.

Though there are different types of shrouds the basic removal is the same.