How to Replace a Roll Up Screen Door

What You'll Need
1.5 inch wood screws
Philips screwdriver
Power drill (including bits)
Screwdriver bits
Tape measure

A roll up screen door is a retractable door that prevents insects from entering your house. The roll up screen is a flexible mechanism that allows you to roll it away when you are entering or leaving the house. The screen is made of fiberglass and it can roll sideways or vertically up and down. The screen is contained within an aluminum casing at the door jamb by means of ball or roller tracks. A roll up screen door is replaced when it is worn out, damaged or when the home owner is making renovations. Removing and installing a new roll up screen door is an easy task you can do without professional assistance.

Examine the Existing Roll Up Door

Check the existing roll up door for damage. If only the screen is damaged, you will want to replace the screen. If the aluminum casing at the doorjamb is damaged, you may only want to replace the casing. If both the screen and casing are damaged, you will want to replace both. 

Remove Existing Screen

Remove the screen by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Unsnap the screen door from the mounting clips and hold-down hooks. Release the valance clips from the top rail at both ends. Place the old screen door aside.

Remove Mounting Clips and Casing

(You can skip this step if you want to use the existing casing, mounting clips and hold-down hooks)

Unscrew the mounting clips one at a time using a screwdriver. Unscrew the hold-down hooks one at time using a screwdriver. Take out the aluminum casing by removing the screws.

Take Measurements of Your Door

Measure the internal width of the door, starting from top to bottom. Take measurements from both sides of the door opening. Write down the dimensions in a note pad. Take the dimensions to your roll up screen door supplier. Buy a new roll up door that matches your specifications and measurements. If in doubt ask the supplier to come and take the measurements themselves.

Trim the New Screen Door

Use a hacksaw to trim the new screen door to the required width. This screen must fit the doorway. Make an allowance for movement when trimming the door. 1/8 inch less than the door width is appropriate.

Attach Screen Handle

Take a screwdriver and screw the new door handle onto the door.

Attach Mounting Clips

(You can skip this step if you want to use the existing mounting clips)

Locate the existing holes for mounting clips where the previous door was. Starting at the top of the doorway, attach the mounting clips along the top line with screws using a screwdriver. The clip lips should face the door or power drill.

Attach New Roll Up Screen Door to the Mounting Clips

Hold the new screen door at the top and snap it over the mounting clips. Mark the positions of the screen door and adjust the sidetracks to fit in the door opening by cutting or trimming the ends.

Install Hold-down Hooks

(You can skip this step if you want to use the existing hold-down hooks)

Install hold-down hooks at the two bottom corners of the doorway. Place each hook flat on the side of doorway. Push it down towards doorway bottom, then hold it in place. Put a screw in the hook hole and lightly tap it down with a hammer. Screw on the hold-down hooks using a power drill or screwdriver. Do this for the other hook. Make sure both hooks are level and positioned at the same vertical height from the floor.

Check the Door

Pull down the screen and check if it fits easily and securely. The sides of the screen must be close enough the doorframe to prevent insects from passing through.