How to Replace a Shallow Well Jet Pump

A shallow well jet pump is used to pump water into your home if the water source is only 25 feet or less from the top of the ground. When your pump becomes defective and needs replacement, you may not have water running through your house until a new one gets put in. Changing your jet pump is not a very complicated task, one that you can do yourself.


  • Teflon Tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumber’s Wrench
  • New Jet Pump
  • A Friend to Help

Step 1: Preparations

Before you start to do anything be sure that the pump is completely off. Some tanks have automatic shut off mechanisms and they may seem to be turned off, but they are just on standby. After you have turned off your jet pump, go to the main breaker and turn off the breaker for your pump as well.

Step 2: Inlet and Outlet Port

Get your plumber’s wrench and start by opening the inlet and outlet ports. These may be a little tight since they are exposed to water, so a little elbow grease may be needed. The inlet pipe is the pipe coming from the well, while the outlet is the pipe going into the house.

Step 3: Removing the Jet Pump

After you’re done with the ports, remove the electrical wires of the pump by disconnecting them from the electrical terminal. Now that the pump is free from the wires and the inlet and outlet pipes, carefully take it out. You may need some help from a friend to carry the pump since it can be quite heavy. Expect some residue water to spill out from the pipes—this is completely normal.

Step 4: Putting on the New Pump

Wrap the threaded ends of the inlet and outlet pipes with Teflon. If they have existing Teflon tapes, get rid of them and replace them with fresh ones. Place the new jet pump where the old jet pump used to be. Get your friend again to help you place it. Once it is in place, connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the new pump and use the plumber’s wrench to secure them tightly. Then reconnect the wires to the electrical terminal, the same way that it was with the old one. The black wire goes to the positive terminal and the white one goes to the negative. Accomplish this by using the screwdriver to secure them properly.

Step 5: Testing

Now that your new jet pump has been installed, it’s time to test if you did it right. Go to the circuit breaker and turn it back on. Turn your pump on to see if it works. If you did everything correctly, the power should kick in immediately and the pump will start pumping water into your house. If it does not turn on, troubleshoot the wiring. If your jet pump turns on but no water is being pumped into the house, check the inlet and outlet pipes of the jet pump.