How to Replace a Sliding Closet Door Track

closet doors
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
New sliding closet door track
Electric screwdriver
Spare screws
Measuring tape

A sliding closet door track is not the sturdiest hardware in your home. Closet sliding door tracks are abused several times a day which can cause a sliding closet door track to get damaged. The most common sliding closet door track problem is that they become bent. When this happens the sliding closet doors won't properly rest on the sliding closet door track nor will the doors close all the way. There are always two closet sliding door tracks that are used with the bottom sliding closet door track taking the most of the beating. Replacing closet sliding door tracks seems like a difficult job but it is more time consuming than it is hard to do. The following article will show you how to replace both sets of a sliding closet door track.

Step 1 - Selecting Closet Sliding Door Tracks

Before you can install a new sliding closet door track you first need to make sure you purchase a correct replacement track. Size is everything when you are replacing one of these so use your measuring tape and measure the current sliding closet door track. The doors need to be able to fit on the track so measure the width of the sliding closet doors. Go to the home improvement store and purchase closet sliding door tracks that match the length you need and the width that your doors will fit on.

Step 2 - Remove the Closet Doors

This will be the easiest part of the job. Simply grip each door at the sides and lift up toward the top track. This will make the wheels on the bottom of the door release from the track. Tilt the bottom of the door toward you and pull down and out. Repeat with the second door.

Step 3 - Remove the Tracks

Both the top and bottom tracks are secure to the floor with screws. Locate the screws on the closet sliding door track. Use the screwdriver and remove them from both the tracks. When working on the top track; make sure you hold it in place as you remove the screws so it does not fall on you.

Step 4 - New Track

Place your new track down on the floor and test the fit. It should line up with the screw holes that are already present. If the track is longer than what you need then use the saw to carefully trim the track to fit. Closet sliding door tracks are either made from aluminum or plastic and this makes them easy to trim. Once the tracks are of proper side you can install them by replacing the screws you took out of the old track. Repeat with both the top and bottom track.

Step 5 – Replace the Doors

Lift the first door and insert the top of it into the top track. While still holding the door up push it in place and let it go to sit in the bottom track. Repeat with the second door.