How to Replace a Snowblower Belt

When your snowblower works overtime during winter, the time will come to change the snowblower belt. Follow the simple steps below to tackle this project on your own.

Tools and Materials

  • Socket Wrench Set
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • New Snowblower Belt

Step 1: Safety Preparation

Before doing anything, make sure that the snowblower is turned off. Then, find the sparkplug wire and remove it from its end. Connect it to the body of the snowblower in order to ground it. You have to do this since this will prevent the machine from starting up by accident. You can also remove the battery for added protection if you wish.

Step 2: Remove Access Panel

In most of these machines, you can find a metal panel at the back which is secured by screws. You have to remove this panel in order to gain access to the pulleys and snowblower belts inside. Using your Philips or Flat Head screwdriver, undo the screws holding the panel and take it off. Set the screws aside where you can find them.

Step 3: Removing the Belt

Now that you have removed the panel protecting the insides of the machine, locate the belt that you wish to replace. Note that the belt passes through a number of pulleys and is also held tight by small metal rods that keep its tension tight. Also, there may be other belts in the way which have to be removed before you can access the main snowblower belt. Remove the metal rods of these belts by using your socket wrench set and set them aside. Once you’ve removed them, the belts should loosen and you will now be able to remove them. Do this to all applicable belts that you need to remove in order to access the main belt. Removal of the metal rods is also applicable to the main belt. Detach the main belt from the pulleys it is routed through.

Step 4: Fitting the New Belt

After you have removed the old belt, get the new belt and fit it in place. Make sure that it is placed securely and squarely on the pulleys and that it is correctly aligned. You also have to make sure that the belt that you are putting in is up to spec and is the same as the one you are replacing. With the new snowblower belt in, reattach the metal rods that keep the belt tight. Use your socket wrenches to accomplish this. Pull the newly installed belt on certain portions to see if it is snugly fit onto the pulleys.

Step 5: Re-attach Everything Else

Finish up by reattaching all the other belts that you took out. Do the same process as installing the new belt. Then replace the metal covering at the back of the blower and screw it back in place. Unground the system and reattach the spark-plug wire and battery. Turn on your snowblower and test if your newly installed snowblower belt works fine.