How to Replace a Swivel Chair Base

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-40
What You'll Need
Replacement swivel chair base
Tape measure
Drop cloth
Chair's manual

The pattern of wear and tear a chair suffers may differ depending on how it is used, which may lead to a swivel chair base requiring replacement before the seat does. The movement of the chair and the surface on which it is used can result in damage to the base. Following a few steps will enable you to complete the repair process to keep your chair in good working condition.

Step 1 - Examine

In order to get the correct replacement swivel chair base to undertake the repair, you will need to examine the original chair to determine what type it is. While some swivel chairs are manual, others are pressurized with gas and will require a different method of repair. As part of this process, it is prudent to consider the manual, if it is available, which will give you much of the information that you need. Check whether any recommendation is made in respect to where a replacement can be purchased. Make sure that you take note of the brand when looking for parts and measure the diameter of the column.

Step 2 - Prepare

To remove the swivel chair base, you begin by turning it onto its side to enable you to access the underside. In some cases, you will need to make use of some lubricant to aid the process, which will require you to lay it on a drop cloth. You will be able to see the lower end of the column and where it meets the base.

Step 3 - Remove Base

You will find that there are fasteners within the column that hold the two components together. These will mostly be nuts that can be removed with a wrench. If they are stiff, apply a little WD-40 beforehand. Withdraw the bolts, and set them aside with the nuts. Pull the base from the support with the help of a gentle wiggling motion. The new base may come with a column or can be fitted onto the existing column. Where it needs to be removed, apply some WD-40 into the gap between the inner column and the outer one. Use a steel hammer to firmly strike the protruding section of the inner column, which will make it vibrate and spread the substance. This will make the column easier to remove.

Step 4 - Attach Base

In the event that you are replacing the column, check the internal mechanism first to ensure that none of the components have become worn. You will find that a gas cylinder is supported by a plastic part that may require replacing. You will then be in a position to firmly slide the new column into place. Follow this by positioning the new swivel chair base to align the holes for the bolts that will secure it. Insert the bolts and replace the nuts initially by hand before tightening them properly with a wrench. Right the chair and test it to make sure it does not rock.