How to Replace a Tire Pressure Sensor

What You'll Need
Ratchet and socket set
Replacement sensor and rebuilding kit
Valve core remover
Tire iron
Torque wrench

If you are a particularly meticulous or careful driver, you may decide that you need to include a tire pressure sensor on your car. These little devices allow you to check the air pressure for specific tires when you are driving. It can also come with an alarm that lights up on the dashboard when the pressure in the tire is below a certain set limit. However, the downside occurs when you need to clean or change the tire, as removing and refitting the tire pressure sensor can be a bit of a task. Sometimes you can also have to replace the sensor because of corrosion on the metal of the device, or due to damage from poor fitting.

Step 1 - Release the Old Tire Pressure Sensor

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the old sensor from its location. You should be able to unscrew it using your ratchet and socket set. Ensure that you take away any parts that will be refitted by the new sensor, as you don't want to put old, and possibly damaged connections onto your brand new device. Remove the sensor by first taking off the valve core using the remover tool and allowing the tire to flatten. Take off the bolt holding the sensor onto the tire, and then push the sensor into the tire rim. You should see the sensor drop into the base of the tire.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Sensor

Pull apart the bead of your tire using the tire iron and lift the top half of the bead off completely. Put your hand inside the tire and feel around until you can grab and take out the sensor. Take the old tire pressure sensor from its location and discard into a dustbin, or use it for spare parts. Place the bead of the tire on the rim.

Step 3 - Installing the New Sensor

Take the gasket of the rebuilding kit and place it into the valve of the new tire pressure sensor. Push the tire down just before the valve stem gap on the wheel rim. Push the sensor down into the valve hole and hold it down with your hand. Pick up the washer that you had removed from the old sensor and screw it back into place using your ratchet set. You can then look up the correct amount of pressure to use on the torque screwing device. Fix the wrench to this amount, and then tighten the grommet part of your sensor until it is tight enough. Once this has been done, replace tire bead and inflate the tire back to its usual height, and then configure the new sensor in your car. You should be able to see the screen giving you the correct amount of pressure.