How to Replace a Toilet Bowl Gasket

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What You'll Need
New toilet tank gasket plus washer kit
Connecting bolts
Crescent wrench
Large flat-head screwdriver
Large sponge
Rust solvent
Alcohol for cleaning up

A toilet bowl gasket can be replaced easily. If you are finding water dripping from the top of your toilet’s tank-portion or if you find water seeping out from between the toilet and the tank, then it could mean that it is time for you to replace your toilet bowl gasket along with the rubber washers on the connection bolts. It is fairly an easy task to handle if you read this simple instruction guide that has all of the details, requirements, and other necessary information that you need to know about replacing a toilet bowl gasket. Here is a list of things required and needed for replacing your toilet bowl gasket. Make sure you wear gloves while carrying out the procedure.

Step 1 - Locate the Water Valve

The first step is to locate the water shutoff valve at the side of the toilet that is close to the wall. Turn the handle clockwise to close the water flow. Proceed to flush the toilet in order to empty the tank. Use a crescent wrench for disconnecting the water supply line. If there are water dribbles here and there, use towels to soak it up.

Step 2 - Remove Tank Lid

The second step is to remove the toilet tank lid and use a sponge to soak up the excess water. Simply remove the bolts with a large screwdriver and then a crescent wrench to hold the bolts underneath the tank. It is always an optimum choice to use a dry tank and bolt thoroughly by applying WD-40 or a simple rust solvent to the bolts. Doing so dissolves corrosion.

Step 3 - Pad the Floor

Lift the lid from the tank carefully and place it on the padding. Turn it over in such a way that the fitting is facing up. You have to remove the old gasket and rubber residue with rags and alcohol. Put the new bolts in the tank top and use a rubber washer on the inside of the tank. The metal washer and the bolt nut should be placed on the bottom of the mounting piece of the base of the toilet.

Step 4 - Reseat the Toilet Tank

Lift the tank of the toilet and reseat it on the lower section of the toilet bowl. Rock and twist it from side to side to make sure it is tightly fitted. Place a set of rubber washers on the bolts, then slide the metal washers under the rubber washers. Secure the bolt with nuts and then secure the tank. Make sure it has been firmly tightened into its place.

Step 5 - Reconnect Water Supply

Reconnect the water supply with the crescent wrench and then turn the flow of the water on. There should be no leaks now.