How to Replace a Truck Rear Window

Lead Image
  • 4-8 hours
  • Advanced
  • 300-600
What You'll Need
A flathead screwdriver
Masking tape
A large cloth
Small cloths
Small utility knife
An extra person
Cleaning agent
New rubber gasket
Sealant (Common use)
A long nylon cord
Glass cleaner

Replacing a truck rear window can be a very expensive job to pay a professional to do. Therefore, many people choose to replace the window themselves. This may sound challenging but the task can be achieved by following a simple process. This will dramatically cut costs and look just as professional if the right steps are followed.

Step 1 - Prepare

Remove the wiper from the rear window if you have one. Lift it up as though you were cleaning the rear window and remove the wiper. Cover any speakers or vents inside the car with masking tape and lay a large cloth across seats. This will make it easier to clean away broken glass if the window breaks.

Step 2 - Cut Rubber

Check to see if the rubber gasket holding the window into position is broken or damaged. Cut it away to make removal of the rear window much easier. Push a small, sharp knife into the rubber. Be sure not to touch the glass and take your time to gently cut the rubber. The glass can be re-used for another purpose unless it is damaged to a point where it is beyond repair.

Step 3 - Remove Window

A black truck.

Slowly apply greater amounts of pressure using your hands without breaking the window. A good tip is to have someone on the outside who can gently take the weight of the window so it doesn't fall out and smash on the floor. If you are re-using the gasket, use your feet to push the window for extra strength.

Step 4 - Prepare New Window

Once the window and rubber gasket have been removed, you should be left with just the frame of the rear window. Clean it thoroughly with a cloth and a high strength cleaning agent. Place small amounts of sealant along the bottom edge of the new rubber gasket. Run a long nylon cord around the rubber gasket; there will be a small groove for it to fit into place. Be sure to leave at least a foot of cord at the beginning and end. Use some Vaseline to make sure the cord does not slide out of place. The cord is important because it will pull the rubber against the window and the frame to seal it tighter when putting in the new window.

Step 5 - Install New Window

A truck on the road.

Gently place the window into the rear window frame, making sure that the loose ends of the nylon cord hang on the outside. Pull one end of the nylon cord gently to start sealing the rubber into position. Get someone else to press on the rubber as you pull to reduce the threat of the rubber slipping away.

Step 6 - Finish

Clean away any Vaseline or sealant residue from the frame and edges of your new window. Wipe it down with a little glass cleaner. Reinstall the rear window wiper if you have one and the process is finished.