How to Replace a Vertical Sliding Window Sash

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What You'll Need
Protective glasses and clothing
Pry bar
Window sash replacement kit
Tape measure

A vertical sliding window is a welcome change from the norm and can look good in almost any house design. Among its parts is the sash which is a pane of glass that is fixed to vinyl, aluminum, or wood frame. It fits into a sliding track that is on the window frame. Using a replacement kit for a window sash, you can easily replace one, together with the jamb hardware that is required for a smooth operation. It improves the energy efficiency of your home and you can use it to fit the architectural design of your house. With just a few simple tools that are usually available in a home tool kit, you can do a job that will look as good as those done by professionals.

Choosing a Replacement Kit

Measure the width of your old window sash from the inside by going from one side jamb to the other. Take the height measurement by sliding your tape measure between the sashes and going from the inside of the upper railhead jamb down to the sill. You should also take the depth measurement of the jamb. Record your measurements and take them to the home depot or hardware where you are going to buy the window sash replacement kit. This will allow you to get the most suitable replacement kit for your vertical sash window.

Removing the Old Window Sash

To take out the lower sash from the window, twist it. If there are inside stops that were installed in between the jamb and the sash, pry them out using the pry bar. After taking out the lower portion, you should then take out the upper window sash. All existing jamb hardware and side jambs should be taken out with the right screwdrivers. You can use the pry bar if it is necessary.

Installing the Replacement Kit for the Window Sash

In installing the window sash replacement kit, screw the new metal jamb brackets that come with it into position in the window frame. Connect the jamb brackets with the new jamb hardware and jamb liners. If there are optional and specialty parts that were included with the replacement kit, install them according to the instruction of the manufacturer. You can then slide the upper portion of the window sash into the track for the outer jamb. Lift the new lower window sash and fit it into the inner track. Any inside stops that you may have removed can be installed again using nails.

In replacing a vertical window sash, you can apply a primer and paint to the new window sash if so desired but you should do it before the installation. this will prevent primer and paint from tainting the rest of the window frame. If you have an old home and you want to keep its historic façade, use a wooden vertical window sash kit instead of the more modern constructions to make it look appropriate to the house design.