How to Replace a Water Softener Filter

What You'll Need
New filter
Owner's manual

Replacing a water softener filter can make a big difference in the way that your water softener runs and softens water. When you have a water softener, it is because your water is full of minerals and is harder than average. When you use a filter, it will catch a lot of the minerals that come through your line before the water goes through the softener. Changing it periodically is important to make sure that it does not become clogged with minerals. Here are the basics of how to replace a water softener filter.

Step 1 - Review the Manual

Before getting started with this job, you should review the owners manual of your water softener. Every water softener is a little bit different and you need to make sure that you know exactly where everything is located. Use your manual to locate where the filter is as well as where the button on top of the filter housing to repressurize the system. You also need to locate where the water valves are coming into your water softener. Your water softener manual may explain the process of changing the filter on your individual model.

Step 2 - Shut Off the Water

Once you are familiar with where everything is located, you need to shut off the water that is coming through the line going into your water softener. In most cases, you will simply be able to turn a valve with your hand. This should shut off the water coming into the softener from the outside of the house. There will also generally be a valve after the filter that you need to turn off as well. This will prevent the water from draining into your house. 

Step 3 - Position Bucket

At this point, you need to put a bucket under the filter housing. By doing this, you will be able to catch any water that comes out of the filter when you change it. Many times, there can be a great deal of water in this filter housing and you want to avoid getting any on the floor.

Step 4 - Repressurize the System

You should now push the button on the filter housing so that the system can be repressurized. 

Step 5 - Remove the Filter

Once the system is repressurized, you will be able to remove the filter housing. Take the housing off of the filter and set it aside. Then you can unscrew the filter. Turn the filter in a counter clockwise motion to remove it from the area.

Step 6 - Install New Filter

You will not be able to install a new filter. Take the new filter and place it into the opening. Then start turning it clockwise until it fits snugly in the area. Then put the housing back on over the filter. At this point, you can turn the water back on and start using the water softener again.