How to Replace a Water Softener Tank

water softener tank and valves
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 400-1,600
What You'll Need
Unscented bleach
Water softener
What You'll Need
Unscented bleach
Water softener

When you need to replace the water softener tank, always remember the plumbing and the wiring of this is already in its place.

Thus, the replacement process is quite easy with the proper steps. All you need to do is to collect the old water softener, so it does not flood the area.

Step 1 - Unplug

For safety purposes, make sure to unplug the power supply of the particular device.

Step 2 - Close the Water Regulator

working on a water heater

You then need to close the water regulator to the house as well, which is situated on the main water pipe.

Step 3 - Bypass Regulator

Set the bypass regulator, which is usually placed at the back of the water softener. This is the place where the copper wire assembles with the water softener pipe.

If the bypass regulator is inclusive of outlet and inlet valves, then you need to make sure to close these valves and then open the bypass regulator.

While undertaking this step, also keep in mind if the bypass regulator includes only one stem, you’ll need to close the needle into the stem.

Step 4 - Remove Salt

Remove all salt and potassium chloride that may be in the appliance.

Step 5 - Remove Clips

Once you have removed the salt, you then also need to remove the clips at the water softener inlet and outlet.

Then split the copper wires from the water softener.

Step 6 - Cut Off

Get rid of the brine well cover and cut off the tubing at the syringe and also the brine well valve.

Step 7 - Install New Water Softener

water heater and softener unit

Place the new water softener in its right position and reconnect the outer and the inlet clips.

Also make sure the water supply is going right into the inlet and the water supply from the outlet is going right into the house pipes.

Step 8 - Plug in

Fill the tank with salt or potassium chloride pellets and plug in the power supply of the appliance.

Step 9 - Open the Regulator

You can then open the water supply of the main house as well and restart the new water softener.

Step 10 - Test

All you need to do is restart the water softener and test it if it is working properly or not.

You could also restart the appliance utilizing a sanitary start. To do so, you require a bucket filled with a salt storage tank with about three gallons of water in it.

Pour a few tablespoons of unscented bleach into the sea water well and set the bypass regulator to "Service".

Recharge the appliance, as this will help in sanitizing the water softener. Then fill the tank with water, letting the air out of the tank.

Remember to flush all the chlorine from the system.